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Life Quest Game Overview

You have just graduated from higher college and are about to embark on your Life Quest! What path do you want to take, and what type of profession do you want to aim for? A CEO or a style designer perhaps? Opt for the profession path of your dreams and make your mark on the city. Invest in a residence, come across the enjoy of your life, start off a family members and develop into the envy of all your higher college good friends at your reunion celebration!

Life Quest is a life and profession simulation game that requires you from the time you graduate from higher college till you attain the pinnacle of your profession. The theme is comparable to the very best-promoting The Sims series, as nicely as casual games such as My Life Story. You pick out a profession path and start off earning income so you can spend the bills, invest in the luxury products of your dreams, and strengthen your expertise and top quality of life.

Life Quest starts at your higher college graduation ceremony. Your college principal tells the class that you can be what ever you want to be, and that your profession and life will rely on the factors you do and the options you make. Feeling confident, you move to the major city to get factors began, but all you have is a smaller cramped rental apartment and the clothing on your back. Fortunately for you, your major sister is about to show you the ropes and assistance you make your choices as you get prepared to go on the greatest adventure of your life.

The all round target of the game is to attain the pinnacle of achievement in your profession, residence and family members. Your options on the path you take to attain that target is almost limitless. You can pick out a profession in a lot of sectors, such as education, automotive, style and fitness to name just a couple of. You will have to determine whether or not you want to invest in or rent a residence. You will also will need to prioritize how you want to strengthen your self in order to develop into far more effective and get superior jobs.

There are five key stats to be concerned about in Life Quest, apart from the all-crucial income. The initial stat is “time”, which determines how a lot you can get carried out in a day. This can be improved by enhancing your fitness, which can be carried out by going swimming, lifting weights, going for a yoga class and so on. The subsequent stat is “happiness”, as becoming unhappy will make you sleep in and as a result get much less factors carried out the subsequent day. Happiness can be enhanced by reaching life objectives, purchasing and watching a film amongst other individuals.

The subsequent three stats are “charm”, “intellect” and “practicality”. These are important as they ascertain what sort of jobs you are in a position to apply for. Higher charm will permit you to develop into a dancer, salesman or other comparable professions. Higher intellect will let you apply for jobs in the education field. Higher practicality is important for technical jobs such as a car or truck repairman. Larger-paying jobs such as a CEO or lecturer will call for a higher mixture of these stats, and some will also call for instruction in a specific talent or becoming an professional in yet another job. For instance, you will need to be an professional seamstress in order to progress to develop into a style purchaser, and a CEO will call for a organization degree in addition to obtaining higher charm and intellect.

Even so, these stats do not just open up jobs for you, but have other positive aspects as nicely. Charm will permit you to impress your dates, although intellect will permit you to master new expertise far more immediately. And practicality will permit you to make residence improvements far more effectively. You can strengthen these stats at the nearby college or university (with the great name of Wattamatta U!).

Issues can look difficult and daunting, but fortunately there are brief-term milestones to aim for. These come in the kind of former schoolmates who have individual objectives, and your objective is to attain these objectives ahead of they do (speak about maintaining up with the Joneses!). So you will will need to get a pet dog ahead of Steve does, and move into a suburban residence ahead of Veronica does, and even come across a spouse and start off a family members ahead of Amir does!

There are lots of factors to do in Life Quest in order to attain your objectives. You can invest in cars to get about town far more immediately. You can invest in pets, furnishings and electronics to raise your happiness and relaxation. You can dine out at a fancy restaurant, go to the films and even pay a visit to the spa. You can even go to the nearby newspaper to place an ad out for promoting your old goods or acquiring the ideal mate! It is a vibrant town with lots to do, but do not get carried away. You are nevertheless supposed to win the race against your former schoolmates.

Life Quest is incredibly nicely made game, and feels incredibly comprehensive and fleshed out. The cartoony graphics and the soundtrack are extremely charming as nicely. And given that there are so a lot of profession paths to pick out from, the game has a substantial replay worth. So come on down to the major city and embark on your Life Quest!

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